Our Team

Olympic Trials. Silicon Valley. School Board Meetings. State Championships.

Yeah, we've lived them all. Our team is comprised of high-performing, competitive, forward-thinking leaders who have your best interest in mind.

No board. No investors. No limits.


Clay Burnett
High School Cross Country & Track Coach, 4:09 mile

In 2012, Clay recognized an opportunity to merge twelve years entrepreneurial experience with his passion for education to co-found FinalForms. He's led the explosive growth of FinalForms while setting new industry standards, doubling revenues and maintaining a lawless client retention record. Today, he's fulfilling his vision of building a team, designing a product and providing a service that dramatically improves both education and athletics.

Coincidentally, since founding FinalForms Clay led his XC team to 6 consecutive State Meets and individual athletes to 3 XC State Titles and 3 Track State Titles.


Macklin Chaffee
Olympic Trials Competitor, 3:56 mile

Macklin, a full stack developer, joined his high school Coach, Clay, to co-found FinalForms. His leadership in technology started while earning his Computer Science Degree from Williams College. Macklin's depth of technical knowledge sets the foundation for unlimited expansion and speedy delivery of useful features. His strong sense of altruism guides the business to doing the right thing at every turn. 

Macklin is a 2012 Olympic Trials 1500m competitor and NCAA D3 All-American.


Customer Service Team

Julie Renner, Operations & Customer Satisfaction
Julie brings 23+ years experience in the public education system to FinalForms. She started her career as a Special Education Teacher and eventually earned licensure as an Athletic Director, Principal and Superintendent. Julie's expertise, guidance and personality help elevate your FinalForms experience beyond expectations. 

Ben Herbert, Operations & Customer Satisfaction
Ben's 7+ years in educational technology serve as the foundation of our training team. Ben ensures that your training and support experiences exceed industry standards. His commitment to streamlining customer education and building personal relationships ensure your loyalty year after year. 

Sales Team

Dave Baker, VP of Sales USA
Dave leads the Sales Team with 30+ years in sales and 10+ years as a high school Coach. His passion for FinalForms is apparent in every conversation, whether in sales or support. Beyond sales, Dave acts as a conduit to our tech team by guiding the development of new features that expedite processes and solve problems facing you and your district. 

Phil Witker, Sales - Ohio
Phil's genuine pride in FinalForms exudes through his boisterous personality. He's a former educator with more 5+ years as Principal, 10+ years as a Teacher and Coach. Phil actually bought FinalForms as a Principal and loved it so much, he joined our team! His applicable knowledge serves as a resource to you and your team.

Suzanne Crump, Sales - Indiana
Suzanne's 33+ years in education as an Assistant Principal, Athletic Director, Teacher and Coach forms the bedrock of our sales team. Her enthusiasm for education, athletics and doing what's best for the customer guides our product and team toward success. Suzanne's stockpile of experiences as an educator make for endless examples of the usefulness of FinalForms.

Jerry Haggerty, Sales - Michigan
Jerry recently retired after 32 years of service in high school athletics including 16 years as an Athletic Director. Jerry remains active as an administrator at the Ottawa-Kent (OK) Conference. His in-depth knowledge of compliance, requirements and standards in Michigan boosts the FinalForms team and provides your Athletic Department with an expert consultant.

Tech Team

Griffith Chaffee, Senior Developer

Skyler Cummins, Junior Developer

Ryan Hall, Junior Developer

Cathal Chaffee, Support Team Lead & Builder

David Clarke, Builder